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Planning Committee: Recruitment and Retention

Initiative Proposal/Recommendation and Code Number: RRC.03.02
(Code number consists of committee initials.fiscal year.initiative number, e.g. AAC.03.01.)
Committee Title Change from “Recruitment and Retention” to “Enrollment Management Committee”

Amended to “Enrollment Planning Action Committee”

Consultation with Relevant Groups:
(Planning committees should send initiatives to student senate, bargaining units, alumni, other planning committees, community, etc. as appropriate for feedback before an initiative is brought to University Council. A Planning Initiative Listserv which includes all bargaining unit heads, the student government president, and university council members is available at

Please indicate which organizations you have consulted with in preparing this initiative as well as the date the initiative was sent to the Planning Initiative Listserv:
Sent to Listserv on 11/06/02

Date Initiative Brought to University Council: 11/18/02
(Submit in writing to University Council through the Sr VP for Academic Affairs at least one week prior to regularly scheduled meeting.)

Date of University Council Action/Response: 12/09/02 and 2/10/03

(Please check one.)
X Adopted, forwarded to the Executive Council
__Modified, returned to the planning committee
__Returned to the committee for reconsideration


The initiative was approved with amended language on 12/09/02. All University Council members present voted to approve. Nancy Erickson opposed. Members absent from meeting were Susan Hauser and Marty Tadlock.

Enrollment Planning Action Committee is the new name coming forward from the Recruitment and Retention Planning Committee. On 2/10/03 it was recommended that the initiative go forward to Executive Council with University Council support.

Date Recommendation Brought to Executive Council: 12/13/02 and 3/25/03
(Submit in writing to Executive Council through the President’s office at least one week prior to regularly scheduled meeting.)

Date of Executive Council Action/Response: April 29, 2003

(Please check one.)
X Adopted, presented to the President
__Modified, returned to University Council
__Returned to University Council for reconsideration


Unanimous, recommended by Executive Council to President 4-29-03

Dates Forwarded to Bargaining Units/Student Senate: April 30, 2003

BSUFA Meet and Confer
MSUAASF Meet and Confer
AFSCME Council 6 Meet and Confer
MAPE Meet and Confer does not need to meet
MMA Meet and Confer
Commissioner’s Plan
Classified Managerial
BSUSA Student Senate



Date of President’s Action/Response: May 8, 2003

(Please check one.)
X Initiative Approved
__Returned to Executive Council with suggested revisions and feedback


For approved initiatives

Date notice sent to all bargaining units:
Date posted on BSU web page: July 30, 2003
Signed, dated copy of initiative placed in archival file in the Library

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