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Planning Committee:                                           CTLR                                                             

 Initiative Proposal/Recommendation and Code Number:

(Code number consists of committee initials.fiscal year.initiative number, e.g. AAC.03.01.)


CTLR 05.01   

The ACC/CTLR recommends that the administrations purchase, install and maintain the necessary wireless infrastructure for the BSU campus. Computer Services has identified the costs for this year to be approximately $20,000.

Also the ACC recommends that a priority system be established for the implementation/installation of wireless access points on campus as administrative funds become available.


1.   This infrastructure will take care of secure access by authorized BSU personnel, have the capability to deal with “guests”, and take care of roaming.

2.   Max access rate through wireless is 54 megabits/second and may drop to 1 megabit/sec depending upon user load and user distance from an access point.

3.   Wireless access points cost approximately $1000. If an individual or department wish to make use of wireless access prior to administrative funding, the purchase of the equipment can be made by the individual or department but must be made in conjunction with Computer Services to insure campus security, and equipment compatibility. The access points so funded would still be community access points.


Consultation with Relevant Groups:

(Planning committees should send initiatives to student senate, bargaining units, alumni, other planning committees, community, etc. as appropriate for feedback before an initiative is brought to University Council.  A Planning Initiative Listserv which includes all bargaining unit heads, the student government president, and university council members is available at

 Sent to Planning Listserv on October 12, 2004


Date Initiative Brought to University Council:                  November 8, 2004                             

(Submit in writing to University Council through the Sr VP for Academic Affairs at least one week prior to regularly scheduled meeting.)


Date of University Council Action/Response:                  November 8, 2004                             


(Please check one.)

__X___ Recommended, forwarded to the Executive Council

______ Modified, returned to the planning committee

______ Returned to the committee for reconsideration

______ Other



 University Initiatives Tracking Form

 Date Recommendation Brought to Executive Council:                November 18, 2004               

(Submit in writing to Executive Council through the President’s office at least one week prior to regularly scheduled meeting.)

 Date of Executive Council Action/Response:                              November 18, 2004               


(Please check one.)

___X__ Recommended, presented to the President (implement a few experimental sites, explore

  service implications, review in relationship to resource allocations priorities)

______ Modified, returned to University Council

______ Returned to University Council for reconsideration

______ Other



Recommending the University move forward with the initial sites considered to be experimental.  The University will create several experimental sites – need additional information on service expectations and resources.


Dates Forwarded to Bargaining Units/Student Senate:  November 22, 2004


BSUFA Meet and Confer                                                      

MSUAASF Meet and Confer                                                

AFSCME Council 6 Meet and Confer                                   

MAPE Meet and Confer                                                        

MMA Meet and Confer                                                         


Commissioner’s Plan                                                             

Classified Managerial                                                             

BSUSA Student Senate                                                         






Date of President’s Action/Response:                                                                                            


(Please check one.)

______ Initiative Approved

______ Returned to Executive Council with suggested revisions and feedback

______ Denied

______ Other





For approved initiatives


Date notice sent to all bargaining units:                                                                                              

Date posted on BSU web page:                                                                                                         

Signed, dated copy of initiative placed in archival file in the Library                                      

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