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Master Academic Plan

Master Academic Plan - PDF Version

Building for the Future

  1. Introduction - Building for the Future: Academic Affairs
    1. Strategic Planning at Bemidji State
    2. Planning Assumptions
    3. Desired Outcomes for the Master Academic Plan

  2. Master Academic Plan
    1. Provide High Quality Educational Programs and Services . that Support Students' Professional, Personal and . Citizenship Development
    2. Hire and Support Excellent Faculty
    3. Help Build the Future of Northern Minnesota: Engagement and Service
    4. Enhance Diversity
    5. Support the Teaching and Learning Environment
    6. Secure Financial Stability through Appropriate Enrollment Growth and Program Development
    1. History of Bemidji State University
    2. Vision Statement and Mission Statement
    3. Assessment at Bemidji State University
    4. Strategic Planning at Bemidji State University
    5. Promise and Signature Themes
    6. Evaluation of Opportunities and Challenges
    7. Department Guideline

No part of the Master Academic Plan should be interpreted as superseding provisions of the Inter-Faculty Organization Master Agreement.

Reference in this document to specific committees should be interpreted as including the current planning committees and the committees, advisory groups, and/or task forces which may be created through the established contractual processes to supplement, or supplant, the current planning committees.