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Technology Management Major, B.A.S.

This major is for students who desire employment in the technical fields of industry. It is not applicable to a licensure program. The program is ideal for students who wish to transfer from a Technical College and obtain a four year degree in Technology Management. Completion of the B.A.S. is also available through a distance delivery format at Metropolitan State University and George Brown College in Toronto, Canada. Consult with a faculty advisor to obtain information on this option.

Note: Upon approval of the Technological Studies staff, certain major courses can be substituted in the Technical and/or Professional Core from related Technical and Community College programs.

Note: Transfer students must take a minimum of 30 semester credits from Bemidji State University. Forty (40) upper division semester credits are also required for graduation.

I. Required Technical Core

Select 26 credits from the following:
IT 1100 Orientation to Industrial Technology Programs (1 credit)
IT 1210 Materials and Processes - Forming (4 credits)
IT 1220 Materials and Processes - Separating (4 credits)
IT 1310 Mechanical Power (2 credits)
IT 1350 Electronic Technology (4 credits)
IT 1410 Communication Technology (3 credits)
IT 1460 Technical Graphics (3 credits)
IT 2250 Construction Technology (2 credits)
IT 2370 Automation Technology (3 credits)
IT 3310 Fluid Power (3 credits)
IT 4537 Industrial Design (3 credits)

Subtotal 26 Credits

II. Required Professional Core

IT 3870 Technical Sales/Presentations (2 credits)
IT 3880 Human Resource Development (2 credits)
IT 3890 Material Handling and Plant Layout (2 credits)
IT 4877 Industrial Maintenance and Safety (3 credits)
IT 4878 Quality Assurance (3 credits)
IT 4890 Industrial Organization and Leadership (3 credits)
IT 4897 Project Management (3 credits)

Subtotal 18 Credits

Total Semester Credits Required for Major 44 Credits

A Total of 128 Semester Credits is Required for a Bachelor's Degree

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