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Control Engineering Technology Major, B.S.

Note: Asterisked (*) courses have prerequisites not included in this major or require consent of instructor.

I. Required Physics Technical Core

Note: Entry into MATH 2171 Concepts of Calculus I requires suitable scoring on a Math Placement exam. Students needing a review of algebra and trigonometry will need to modify this schedule and may not complete the program in four years. For alternative schedules, students should contact the Department of Physics chair or their advisor.

IT 1460 Technical Graphics (3 credits)
MATH 2171 Concepts of Calculus I (5 credits)
MATH 2172 Concepts of Calculus II (3 credits)
PHYS 1101 General Physics I (4 credits)
or *PHYS 2101 Physics I (5 credits)
PHYS 1102 General Physics II (4 credits)
or *PHYS 2102 Physics II (5 credits)
PHYS 1230 Introduction to Engineering (2 credits)
PHYS 2150 Acquisition and Control with G Programming (3 credits)
PHYS 2500 Electronics I (4 credits)
PHYS 3150 Circuit Analysis (4 credits)
PHYS 3400 Math Methods for Engineering (3 credits)
PHYS 3500 Electronics II (4 credits)
PHYS 4720 Applied Controls (2 credits)

Subtotal 41-43 Credits

II. Required Technological Studies Professional Core

IT 3870 Technical Sales/Presentations (2 credits)
IT 3880 Human Resource Development (2 credits)
IT 3890 Material Handling and Plant Layout (2 credits)
IT 4877 Industrial Maintenance and Safety (3 credits)
IT 4878 Quality Assurance (3 credits)
IT 4890 Industrial Organization and Leadership (3 credits)
IT 4897 Project Management (3 credits)

Subtotal 18 Credits

III. Required Electives

Select 12 credits from the following:

*IT 2608 Computer-Controlled Machining (3 credits)
*IT 3218 Advanced Machining Processes (3 credits)
IT 3460 Parametric 3-D Modeling (3 credits)
IT 3877 Engineering Problem Solving (3 credits)
IT 3879 Performance Measurement (3 credits)
*PHYS 4751 Engineering Design Project I (2 credits)
*PHYS 4752 Engineering Design Project II (2 credits)

Subtotal 12 Credits

Total Semester Credits Required for Major 71-73 Credits

A Total of 128 Semester Credits is Required for a Bachelor’s Degree

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