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Technology Education Major, B.S.

(Preparation toward Licensure Grades 5-12)

The Technology Education curriculum is planned primarily for prospective teachers. The program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. For requirements for entry into and completion of teacher licensure programs, see Professional Education in this catalog.

This department alters its curriculum to reflect trends in education licensure requirements. Please consult an advisor about possible program and course changes.

I. Required Basic Core

IT 1100 Orientation to Industrial Technology Programs (1 credit)
IT 1210 Materials and Processes - Forming (4 credits)
IT 1220 Materials and Processes - Separating (4 credits)
IT 1310 Mechanical Power (2 credits)
IT 1350 Electronic Technology (4 credits)
IT 1410 Communication Technology (3 credits)
IT 1460 Technical Graphics (3 credits)
IT 2250 Construction Technology (2 credits)
IT 2370 Automation Technology (3 credits)
IT 3310 Fluid Power (3 credits)
IT 4537 Industrial Design (3 credits)

Subtotal 32 Credits


II. Required Advanced Technology Block

IT 2100 Impact of Technology (2 credits)
IT 3380 Emerging Technologies (4 credits)
IT 4870 Production Management (3 credits)

Subtotal 9 Credits

III. Required Technology Education Block

Note: Asterisked (*) courses either have prerequisites not included in this major or require consent of instructor.

IT 3850 Foundation of Technology Education (2 credits)
*IT 3857 Methods of Teaching Industrial Technology/Vocational Education (4 credits)
*IT 4858 Curriculum Development in Technology Education, and Career and Technical Education (2 credits)
*IT 4860 Management of Industrial Technology Education (4 credits)

Subtotal 12 Credits

IV. Required Professional Education Core

For specific courses, see Professional Education: Secondary, this catalog.

Subtotal 33 Credits

Total Semester Credits Required for Major 86 Credits

A Total of 128 Semester Credits is Required for a Bachelor's Degree

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