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Programs Abroad

Through study, work, and travel situations, students have the opportunity to further develop proficiency in modern languages while broadening their understanding of cultures and people. Study abroad programs may be of interest to students who wish to enhance other major fields and interests. Faculty in the Department of Languages and Ethnic Studies may be contacted for information. Additional programs are available through Foreign Studies and International Studies. Study programs abroad are also available through the MnSCU Common Market Program.


Advanced German students may participate in the exchange program with the Fachhochschule in Magdeburg, Germany for either a semester or a full year. Credit will vary (see German 3300). Students with one or two years of German may earn 8 credits in the intensive German course in June, also at the Fachhochschule in Magdeburg. In addition, students who participate in accredited study abroad programs at other institutions may transfer those credits to their German major or minor.


Spanish programs are available throughout the year in the many Spanish speaking countries. Arrangements may be made for special projects, workshops, or internships. Students can receive academic credit for study/work (see SPAN 3300).

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