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Developmental Adapted Physical Education Minor, B.S. (Teacher Licensure)

This program, when combined with a Physical Education program that qualifies the student to teach physical education in the state of Minnesota, fulfills the licensure requirements of the State of Minnesota for Developmental Adapted Physical Education.

I. Required Special Education Courses

ED 3600 Study of the Learner with Special Needs (3 credits)
ED 3640 Due Process in Special Education (3 credits)
ED 3650 Collaborative Techniques for Special Educators (3 credits)

Subtotal 9 Credits

II. Required Physical Education Courses

PHED 4211 D/APE History, Philosophy, Diagnosis, and Assessment (3 credits)
PHED 4212 Developmental Techniques for Adapted Physical Education (3 credits)
PHED 4217 D/APE Sport and Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities (3 credits)
PHED 4218 Adapted Aquatics (2 credits)
PHED 4970 Internship: D/APE Practicum (3 credits)

Subtotal 14 Credits

Total Semester Credits Required for Licensure 23 Credits

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