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Coaching Specialist

This coaching specialist program provides students with skills and the knowledge to coach athletes in many settings, including schools, recreation programs, and clubs. It is designed to provide prospective coaches with knowledge of injury prevention, conditioning, psychological preparation, risk management, sport specific coaching skills, and practical experience.

This program exceeds current Minnesota State Board of Teaching requirements and parallels NASPE guidelines.

I. Required Theory Courses

HLTH 2100 First Aid and CPR/AED (1 credit)
PHED 3090 Sport Physiology (2 credits)
PHED 3120 Psychology of Sport (2 credits)
PHED 3190 Athletic Training (2 credits)
PHED 3690 Coaching Principles (2 credits)

Subtotal 9 Credits

II. Required Elective Courses

Select 1 course from the following:

PHED 3700 Baseball Coaching (2 credits)
PHED 3710 Basketball Coaching (2 credits)
PHED 3720 Football Coaching (2 credits)
PHED 3730 Golf Coaching (2 credits)
PHED 3740 Ice Hockey Coaching (2 credits)
PHED 3750 Soccer Coaching (2 credits)
PHED 3760 Softball Coaching (2 credits)
PHED 3770 Swimming Coaching (2 credits)
PHED 3780 Tennis Coaching (2 credits)
PHED 3790 Track and Field Coaching (2 credits)
PHED 3800 Volleyball Coaching (2 credits)
PHED 3810 Wrestling Coaching (2 credits)

Subtotal 2 Credits

III. Required Practicum

PHED 4970 Internship: Practicum in Athletic Coaching (1 credit)

Subtotal 1 Credit

Total Semester Credits Required for Coaching Specialist 12 Credits

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