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Exercise Science Minor

Required Courses

Note: Asterisked (*) courses either have prerequisites not included in this minor or require consent of instructor.

BIOL 1110 Human Biology (4 credits)
or BIOL 1211 Introductory Biology I (4 credits)
BIOL 2110 Human Anatomy and Physiology (5 credits)
HLTH 2100 First Aid and CPR/AED (1 credit)
*HLTH 4410 Health Program Planning, Promotion, Evaluation, and Administration (4 credits)
PHED 1240 Techniques of Neuromuscular Relaxation (1 credit)
PHED 3100 Motor Development (2 credits)
PHED 3190 Athletic Training (2 credits)
PHED 3200 Introduction to Sport Biomechanics (3 credits)
PHED 3300 Physiology of Exercise and Nutrition (3 credits)
PHED 4160 Personal Trainer: Aerobic Exercise (3 credits)
PHED 4170 Personal Trainer: Strength and Speed Training Exercise (3 credits)
*PHED 4309 Legal Aspects of Sport (3 credits)
PHED 4970 Internship in Exercise Science (1-3 credits)

Total Semester Credits Required for Minor 35-37 Credits

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