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For All Education Majors

General Entry Requirements

  1. PPST (Pre-Professional Skills Test) taken and on file (If all sections of the PPST are not passed, a plan for remediation must be completed, filed with the Clinical Experiences Office, and be approved, prior to the completion of ED 3100.)
  2. 30 semester credits completed
  3. 2.50 GPA

General Exit Requirements

  1. A minimum GPA of 2.50 in professional education, major/minor, and overall course work
  2. Signed forms by the cooperating teacher and the faculty supervisor that the student has satisfactorily completed student teaching for each licensure sought
  3. Scores at or above minimums on basic skills tests required by the State of Minnesota or Department of Professional Education
  4. An acceptable score on standardized professional field competency assessments

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