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Foundations Core Courses for Secondary Education Major Areas of Study, B.S. (Teacher Licensure: K–12th Grade, 5th–12th Grade, or 9th–12th Grade)

Students should see their advisor to plan a suitable program of study. Note that some courses have prerequisites. Also note that some courses are not offered every semester. The majority of courses taken in the first and second year are in liberal education (42 credits minimum).

Student teaching is to be completed at the end of the education major. It requires permission of the Clinical Experiences Director in ED 4799 The Professional Teacher.

Secondary Education Foundations Courses

ED 3100 Introduction to the Foundations of Public School Education (3 credits)
ED 3110 Educational Psychology (3 credits)
ED 3140 Human Relations in Education (2 credits)
ED 3350 Pedagogy: Planning for Instruction (4 credits)
ED 3780 Adaptation and Management: Designing the Learning Environment (3 credits)
ED 4799 The Professional Teacher (1 credit)
ED 4800 Standards of Effective Practice (3 credits)
ED 4830 Student Teaching - Secondary (12 credits)
HLTH 3400 Health and Drugs in Society (2 credits)

Subtotal 33 Credits

Secondary Education Major Areas of Study:

Art Education (K-12) -- see Visual Arts
Communication Arts and Literature (5-12) -- see English
Health Education (5-12) -- see Health
Mathematics Education (5-12)
Music Education (Vocal, Instrumental) (K-12)
Physical Education (K-12)
Science Education (Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, Life Science, Physics) (9-12)
Social Studies Education (5-12)
Technology Education (5-12) -- see Technological Studies
World Languages and Cultures (K-12) -- see Modern Languages, Spanish Education Teacher Licensure

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