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Psychology (PSY)

Check with department for semester when these courses are offered. Read each course description for prerequisites.

1010 STRESS AND COPING (2 credits) Focuses on the development of personal skills related to health and lifetime achievement. Topics include stress management, self-motivation, study skills, interpersonal relationships, and overcoming common anxieties. Liberal Education Category 11

1100 INTRODUCTORY PSYCHOLOGY (4 credits) Introduction to the study of behavior, cognition, and emotion and general survey of psychological principles. Liberal Education Category 5

2200 HUMAN SEXUALITY (3 credits) Physiological and psychosocial aspects of human sexual behavior with an emphasis on healthy sexual adjustment. Liberal Education Category 7

2217 ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY (4 credits) Survey of the major forms of psychopathology in children, adolescents, and adults. Examines assessment, diagnosis, and current research into the causes and treatment of psychological disorders. Prerequisite: PSY 1100.

2227 LEARNING AND COGNITION (4 credits) An introduction to behavioral and cognitive theories of behavior change and associated applications in animal training, education, and applied psychology. Prerequisite: PSY 1100.

2237 LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT (4 credits) A review of theories and research on the psychological, physical, and environmental factors influencing adjustment and development across the lifespan. Prerequisite: PSY 1100.

3210 DEATH AND CULTURE (3 credits) Death is a universal human experience shaped by the attitudes of any given culture. Examines death and dying in various cultural contexts and the accompanying psychological research into death attitudes and processes. Liberal Education Category 8

3337 GROUP PROCESSES (3 credits) The examination and practical application of principles and dynamics underlying group behavior from a psychological perspective. Prerequisites: PSY 1100 and PSY 3401, or consent of instructor.

3338 JUNIOR LEVEL FIELD EXPERIENCE (3 credits) Practical field experience in human services providing an exploration in client populations and settings, career directions in applied psychology, and professional skills and abilities. Prerequisites: PSY 1100 and PSY 2217.

3347 PSYCHOLOGICAL MEASUREMENT (3 credits) This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of psychometric theory and methods of psychological test construction, and to effect familiarity with established measures of personality, interests, intelligence, and academic achievement. Prerequisites: PSY 1100 and PSY 3401.

3357 INDUSTRIAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY (3 credits) Presentation and analysis of theoretical, technical, and applied aspects of psychology in work settings. Topics include: human resources activities (selection, training and evaluation of personnel), work motivation, job satisfaction, leadership, organizational structure, group/team communication, working conditions. Prerequisite: PSY 1100.

3367 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY (3 credits) Survey of contemporary research in interpersonal perception and attraction, aggression and altruism, group dynamics, conformity, compliance, and attitude formation and change. Prerequisite: PSY 1100.

3377 TYPICAL/ATYPICAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE PRESCHOOL CHILD (2 credits) The study of the theories and research pertaining to the typical and atypical development of the preschool child in the intellectual, emotional, social, cultural, and physical areas. Prerequisite: PSY 1100. Note: This course may not be applied to the Psychology Major.

3378 LIVING IN ISOLATED AND CONFINED ENVIRONMENTS (2 credits) A study of the psychological factors involved in planning the environment and selecting the crew for long-duration manned space missions. Prerequisite: PSY 1100.

3387 TOPICS IN PSYCHOLOGY (1-2 credits) An in-depth study of topics of current interest in psychology. Prerequisite: PSY 1100.

3401 BASIC STATISTICS FOR RESEARCH (4 credits) Measures of central tendency, variability, and shape; t-tests; correlation; linear regression; chi-square tests; and one-way analysis of variance. Emphasis is on the use of appropriate statistical procedures for research using SPSS statistical software. Prerequisite: Completion of Liberal Education mathematics requirement (Category 4).

3402 RESEARCH METHODS (4 credits) Survey of research methods, concepts, issues, and strategies. Topics will include experimental and non-experimental methods; designing, conducting, and analyzing different types of studies; critiquing research; and writing research reports. Prerequisites: PSY 1100 and PSY 3401.

3437 COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY (3 credits) Survey of models and research in cognition, including the topics of attention, memory, knowledge representation, language, problem solving, reasoning, and decision making. Prerequisite: PSY 1100.

3469 FAMILY SYSTEMS (3 credits) An introduction to family systems theory and accompanying therapies. Prerequisites: PSY 1100, PSY 2217, and PSY 2237 or consent of instructor.

4328 BEHAVIORAL AND COGNITIVE INTERVENTION (4 credits) Behavioral theory and the method of applied behavior analysis are explored. Therapeutic application of behavioral and cognitive/behavioral principles to human problems in various settings is practiced. Prerequisites: PSY 1100 and PSY 2227.

4332 COUNSELING AND CRISIS INTERVENTIONS (4 credits) A practical, skills-based introduction to the development of interpersonal awareness, beginning counseling techniques, and crisis intervention techniques. Prerequisites: PSY 1100 and PSY 2217.

4403 ADVANCED STATISTICS AND RESEARCH DESIGN (4 credits) Advanced statistics, focusing on factorial analysis of variance and multiple regression using SPSS, as well as associated research designs. Emphasis on logic, applications, and communication. Prerequisites: PSY 3401 and PSY 3402, or consent of instructor.

4408 HUMAN SERVICES PROGRAM MANAGEMENT (3 credits) Theories and techniques of managing human service agencies including planning, administration, evaluation and grant writing. Prerequisites: PSY 1100, PSY 3401, PSY 3402, or consent of instructor.

4447 RESEARCH LABORATORY (1-4 credits) Supervised, original research in selected areas. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: PSY 1100, PSY 3401, PSY 3402, or consent of instructor.

4459 PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY AND PERCEPTION (4 credits) An in-depth introduction, including the topics of the nervous system, electrochemical and neurochemical bases of behavior, vision, audition, somatic and chemical senses, movement, emotion, and cognition. Prerequisites: PSY 1100, PSY 3401, PSY 3402, or consent of instructor.

4467 PERSONALITY THEORIES (3 credits) Introduction to major theories of personality and related research. Prerequisites: Prerequisites: PSY 1100, PSY 2217, PSY 3401, PSY 3402, or consent of instructor.

4487 HISTORY AND SYSTEMS OF PSYCHOLOGY (3 credits) Contemporary issues and theories in psychology and their historical developments. Prerequisite: Senior standing in the major.

4587 ADVANCED TOPICS IN PSYCHOLOGY (2-4 credits) In-depth study of topics of current interest in psychology. Prerequisites: PSY 3401 and senior standing in the major.

4870 PRE-INTERNSHIP SEMINAR (1 credit) Selection of internship site and preparation for the internship experience. Prerequisite: Restricted to Psychology Majors only.

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