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Field of Emphasis: Educational/Information Communications and Technology (ECT/ICT)

This area of emphasis provides advanced study in educational technology for in-service P-12 and post-secondary teachers. It is an ONLINE program that allows maximum access to learning with minimum face-to-face requirements. Because this is a collaborative emphasis with Minnesota State University Moorhead, students may choose from two distinct degrees: one with a focus on the professional classroom teacher and the other with a focus on educational leadership and administration.

Step 1. Students must choose a home campus, either Bemidji State University or Minnesota State University Moorhead.
Step 2. Students must a) review hardware/software and Internet access requirements, b) determine their readiness for distance and independent learning, and c) become familiar with the course management system Desire to Learn (D2L). See for more information.
Step 3. Students must be accepted into graduate studies and must enroll in the master’s program clearly identifying the emphasis in Educational/Information Communications and Technology. This ensures a place in the emphasis.
Step 4. Students must register for courses as early as possible. Space in online courses will be held for students enrolled in this program during the first few days of registration. Space in online courses is not guaranteed during late registration.

If you are seeking a master’s degree that focuses on professional development and infusing technology into teaching and learning, choose Bemidji State University as your home campus. The following courses are required in the program. Note: All BSU core courses are offered online through the Center for Extended Learning and have no face-to-face requirement (with the exception of international students studying at BSU). Core courses are also offered on campus (summers only at BSU) and may be taken to meet the requirements of this program (face-to-face on-campus courses are an option at both universities).

I. BSU Education Core

BSU ED 6100 Educational Research I (3 credits) (take this course early in your program)
BSU ED 6107 Advanced Educational Psychology (3 credits)
BSU ED 6108 The Learning Community (3 credits)
BSU ED 6117 Critical and Creative Thinking (3 credits)
BSU ED 6334 Curriculum and Instruction (3 credits)
BSU ED 6336 Instructional Design (3 credits)
BSU ED 6750 Educational Research II (2 credits) (take this course toward the end of your program)

Subtotal 20 Credits

II. BSU Distance Learning Course

BSU ED 6446 Distance Education: History & Development (online only) (3 credits)

Subtotal 3 Credits

III. MSUM Courses (register with Minnesota State University Moorhead)

MSUM ED 519 Creating Web-based Curriculum (2 credits)
MSUM ED 522 Electronic Resources: Issues and Practice (2 credits)
MSUM ED 525 Methods of Computer-Mediated Communication in Education (2 credits)
MSUM ED 534 Assessment Strategies for Technology-Enhanced Curriculum (2 credits)
MSUM ED 796 Seminar in School Leadership --Technology Planning (1 credit)

Select one of the following MSUM courses (Choice is specific to teaching area. Each course is 2 credits.)
MSUM ED 535 Infusing Technology into Mathematics Curriculum
MSUM ED 539 Infusing Technology into Literacy Instruction
MSUM ED 542 Infusing Technology into Science Curriculum
MSUM ED 633 Technology & Information Systems

Subtotal 11 Credits

IV. Electives

Select 3 or 4 credits. Note any prerequisites.
BSU Any graduate-level Computer Science course
BSU Any graduate-level Professional Education course

Subtotal 3-4 Credits

V. Required Research

Select one of the following:
BSU ED 6980 Research Paper (2 credits)
BSU ED 6990 Thesis (4 credits)

Subtotal 2-4 Credits

Total Semester Credits Required for Degree 39-42 Credits

Students who desire a master’s degree in educational technology with an educational leadership and administration focus should contact Minnesota State University Moorhead for more information. See the BSU/MSUM program Web site at:

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