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Ojibwe Minor

Majors and Minors in Modern Languages

Note: Bemidji State University does not at present offer a major in Ojibwe. Upon completion of this minor students may be eligible to teach Ojibwe at the elementary and/or secondary school level. Please contact the Ojibwe language faculty or the Department Chair for further information.

Note: Asterisked (*) courses have prerequisites not included in this minor or require consent of instructor.

I. Required Core Courses

*OJIB 3311 Advanced Ojibwe I (4 credits)
OJIB 3312 Advanced Ojibwe II (4 credits)

Subtotal 8 Credits

II. Required Study

Select one of the following courses:

*OJIB 3213 Ojibwe Oral Literature (4 cr)
OJIB 3400 Instruction of Ojibwe Language (4 cr)

Subtotal 4 Credits

Total Semester Credits Required for Minor 12 Credits

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