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Spanish Education Major, B.S. (Teacher Licensure)

Majors and Minors in Modern Languages

Note: The name that will appear on the licensure is World Languages and Cultures.

For requirements for entry into and completion of teacher licensure programs, see "For All Education Majors" under Professional Education, this catalog.

I. Required Core Courses

ML 3430 Linguistics (3 credits)
ML 3470 Methods of Teaching Modern Languages (4 credits)
SPAN 3311 Composition and Conversation (3 credits)
SPAN 3312 Advanced Readings and Conversation (3 credits)
SPAN 4430 Spanish Grammar and Linguistics (1 credit)
Select 11 credits from other SPAN courses numbered 3300 or above.

Subtotal 25 Credits

 II. Required Electives

Select 6 credits of electives with consent of advisor.

Subtotal 6 Credits

 III. Required Professional Education Courses

For specific courses, see Professional Education: Secondary, this catalog.

Subtotal 33 Credits


Total Semester Credits Required for Major 64 Credits

A Total of 128 Semester Credits is Required for a Bachelor of Science Degree

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