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University Studies (UNIV)

Check with department for semester when these courses are offered. Read each course description for prerequisites.

1180 TRIO/SSS COLLEGE ORIENTATION (1 credit) For TRIO/SSS eligible students, this course offers a complete orientation to the university, including academic, personal, and social concerns. Through departmental tours, guest lectures, and various other assignments, students gain a sense of community and knowledge that will help them become a successful college student.

1190 FIRST YEAR EXPERIENCE SEMINAR (1 credit) Designed to support the freshman transition to college, this seminar establishes the core academic skills, social competencies, and values that enable students to excel within the university community. The seminar’s ultimate goal is to enhance and enrich the student experience so that students may develop a sense of citizenry and derive the maximum benefit from the intellectual and social opportunities of college life. This is achieved through integrating extracurricular, curricular, and co-curricular offerings within the course content. Faculty lectures, professional staff presentations, and diverse field experiences supplement seminar topic areas.

1200 TRIO/SSS LIFE CAREER PLANNING (2 credits) Designed to give students an opportunity to use critical thinking skills, group interaction, and assignments and presentations to explore and analyze their values, skills, interests, and career goals. This course enables students to explore areas of interest or to focus on an already established area of interest by providing time to research national and regional employment trends, salaries, and employment outlooks. Key elements of the course include values clarification exercises, ethics on the job, job shadowing, a service learning component, and interest and personality inventories. Several career assessments are administered and analyzed, including ACT Discover, Self-Directed Search (SDS), Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and Fundamental Interpersonal Response Orientation-Behavior (FIRO-B). Upon completion of the course, students can describe the process of career development, discuss the role that their values, interests, and abilities play in their career decision making, and focus their academic career toward an area of interest worthy of continued exploration.

University Studies Program | All-University Courses and Descriptions
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