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Certification: Online Teaching

This certificate for online teaching is in direct response to a request from the Minnesota Online Alliance, a group of schools and districts offering online courses and programs for K-12 students in Minnesota. The certificate program courses are appropriate for preparing on-line teachers in K-12 and in post-secondary education.

The Certificate in Online Teaching (9 credits) provides a sound foundation in distance learning history, instructional design, and hands-on development of online courses necessary to prepare effective online teachers. Course assignments are centered on learning new technology skills and tools; developing individual learning objects, courses, and projects; and gaining practical experience in teaching and learning strategies for the online environment.

ED 6120 Critical Issues in Education (2 credits)
ED 6336 Instructional Design (3 credits)
ED 6446 Distance Education: History and Development (3 credits)
ED 6447 Seminar in Teaching Online (1 credit)

Total Semester Credits Required for Certificate 9 Credits

Note: M.S. Education students take an additional 4 credits of electives (total of 13 elective credits). M.Ed. Education students take an additional 7 credits of electives (total of 16 elective credits).

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