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Liberal Studies

College of Arts and Sciences
Hagg-Sauer Hall 218-755-2880

Academic Director

Dr. Kit Christensen (, Philosophy

Area of Study

The Liberal Studies major is an interdisciplinary program in which students pursue broad interests or develop a specialized program in areas where majors are not currently offered. It encourages skills for responsible citizenship, including critical thinking, self-knowledge, and interdisciplinary understanding, and is appropriate for students who wish to participate fully in shaping their university education to their needs and interests.


See Section II, Enrollment for required high school preparation.

Second Majors and Minors

Students are encouraged to discuss with their advisor the option of a second major or minor that might strengthen or complement their major.

Career Directions

The Liberal Studies major by its nature does not aim at a single career path. Rather, it offers a meaningful liberal education to students who 1) have broad career goals, 2) already have a career and wish to advance it with a bachelor’s degree, 3) seek to enrich their lives through a classic liberal education, 4) wish to prepare for graduate or professional study. The major could be appropriate for students interested in any of the following, for example:

Human Services
Library Science
Nonprofit Organizations
Also: Graduate School
Professional School

Credit Requirement

Transfer Students: At least one-third of the credits to be included in the major must be successfully completed at Bemidji State University.

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