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Early Childhood Education Major, B.S. (Teacher Licensure; Birth-3rd Grade)

NOTE: Please contact the Department of Professional Education for current updates to this program.

Students complete all requirements of the Teacher Education Programs at Bemidji State University. The Early Childhood Education major qualifies for teacher licensure with children birth through third grade.

I. Education Foundations Courses

ED 3100 Introduction to the Foundations of Public School Education (3 credits)
ED 3110 Educational Psychology (3 credits)
ED 3140 Human Relations in Education (3 credits)
ED 3350 Pedagogy: Planning for Instruction (3 credits)
ED 4799 The Professional Teacher (1 credit)
HLTH 3400 Health and Drugs in Society (2 credits)

II. Early Childhood Education Major Courses:

  1. Development and Family Courses
    Note: For PSY 2237 and SOWK 3201, the prerequisite of PSY 1100 is being replaced by ED 3110 for ECE majors.
    ED 3600 Study of the Learner with Special Needs (3 credits)
    PSY 2237 Lifespan Development (4 credits)
    SOWK 3201 Family: Dynamics and Intervention (3 credits)

  2. Infant and Toddler Courses
    ED 3715 Learning Experiences for Infants and Toddlers (4 credits)
    ED 4605 Infant and Toddler Student Teaching (5 credits)

  3. Preprimary Courses
    ED 3670 Foundations of Early Childhood Education (3 credits)
    ED 3677 Relations and Management in Early Childhood Education (3 credits)
    ED 4811 Preprimary Student Teaching (8 credits)

  4. Elementary Education Courses
    Note: The following prerequisites are being waived for ECE majors: ED 3202 for ED 3203; MUS 3405 and VSAR 3600 for ED 3301; and ED 3780 and ED 4800 for ED 4820.
    ED 3201 Language Arts I (3 credits)
    ED 3203 Language Arts III (3 credits)
    ED 3221 Elementary Math Methods (3 credits)
    ED 3222 Elementary Science Methods (3 credits)
    ED 3240 Social Studies in the Elementary School (3 credits)
    ED 3301 Creative Expressions (3 credits)
    ED 4820 Student Teaching -- Elementary [Primary Placement] (8 credits)
    MATH 1011 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I (3 credits)
    PHED 4200 Methods of Teaching Elementary Physical Education for Classroom Teachers (1 credit)

    Total Semester Credits Required for Major 78 Credits

 A Total of 120 Semester Credits is Required for a Bachelor of Science Degree

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