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Elementary Education Major, B.S. (Teacher Licensure; K-6th Grade)

NOTE: Please contact the Department of Professional Education for current updates to this program.

Students should see their advisors to plan suitable programs of study. Note that some courses have prerequisites. The majority of courses taken in the first and second year are in liberal education (42 credits minimum). The Elementary Education major may be taken either with or without an endorsement area. The major plus the Preprimary Endorsement qualifies for licensure to teach children age three through sixth grade. The major plus the Social Studies Endorsement qualifies for licensure to teach all subjects in kindergarten through sixth grade and the content area of Social Studies in middle-level settings (grades 5-8).

Student teaching is to be taken at the end of the education major. It requires permission of the Clinical Experiences director in ED 4799 The Professional Teacher.

I. Foundations courses for Elementary Education majors

ED 3100 Introduction to the Foundations of Public School Education (3 credits)
ED 3110 Educational Psychology (3 credits)
ED 3140 Human Relations in Education (3 credits)
ED 3350 Pedagogy: Planning for Instruction (3 credits)
ED 3780 Adaptation and Management: Designing the Learning Environment (3 credits)
ED 4799 The Professional Teacher (1 credit)
ED 4820 Student Teaching - Elementary (12 credits)
HLTH 3400 Health and Drugs in Society (2 credits)

Subtotal 30 Credits

II. Major courses for Elementary Education majors

Note: Asterisked (*) courses have prerequisites not included in this major.

ED 3201 Language Arts I (3 credits)
ED 3202 Language Arts II (3 credits)
ED 3203 Language Arts III (3 credits)
ED 3221 Elementary Math Methods (3 credits)
ED 3222 Elementary Science Methods (3 credits)
ED 3240 Social Studies in the Elementary School (3 credits)
ED 3301 Creative Expressions (3 credits)
HLTH 4100 Teaching Elementary School Health (2 credits)
MATH 1011 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I (3 credits)
MATH 1013 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers II (3 credits)
*MUS 3405 Music in the Elementary Classroom (2 credits)
PHED 4200 Methods of Teaching Elementary Physical Education for Classroom Teachers (1 credit)
VSAR 3600 Elementary Art Methods (2 credits)

Subtotal 34 Credits

Total Semester Credits Required for the Major 64 Credits

A Total of 120 Semester Credits is Required for a Bachelor of Science Degree

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