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Middle Level Endorsements

NOTE: Please contact the Department of Professional Education for current updates regarding the Middle Level Endorsements in Communication Arts and Literature, Mathematics, and Science Education.

Social Studies Middle Level Endorsement

The Social Studies endorsement meets the September 2010 Minnesota State requirements for teachers seeking to add a middle level endorsement. A four-week student teaching requirement and new competencies have been added to all middle level endorsements.

Please note: If the 5-8 endorsement is being added to a K-6 license, student teaching must be in grade 7 or 8; if the endorsement is being added to an old 7-12 license, student teaching must be in grade 5 or 6. If you are currently in an old program, you MUST complete the coursework by August 31, 2012; beginning September 1, 2012, all candidates will be held to the 4-week student teaching requirement.

The endorsement is optional for students earning a professional teaching license. The credits can be taken in addition to a student's plan of study and can be taken each semester as their schedule permits pending noted prerequisites. Students enrolled in education have the opportunity to enroll as a graduate student, however not all courses in the endorsement are offered at a graduate level. The endorsement can be obtained after successful completion of all course requirements.

Endorsement Core

ED 3417 Teaching and Learning in the Middle School (3 credits)
ED 4737 Content Area Reading (3 credits)
ED 4840 Student Teaching – Special Fields, Middle School (5 credits)

Subtotal 11 Credits

Courses in the Social Studies content area are also required and students must consult with an advisor in the appropriate department and an advisor in the Professional Education department to determine which courses meet the 2010 Minnesota State requirements. Some content courses may be transferred.

Social Studies Endorsement

ECON 2000 Markets and Resource Allocation (3 credits)
GEOG 2100 Introduction to Physical Geography (3 credits)
GEOG 2200 Introduction to Human Geography (3 credits)
HST 1115 United States History II, since 1877 (3 credits)
HST 2610 Minnesota History (3 credits)
POL 1200 Introduction to American Politics (3 credits)

Subtotal 18 Credits

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