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Extended Learning

105 Deputy Hall

Bemidji State University has made it possible for thousands of individuals to pursue continued study through Extended Learning. Providing access to educational opportunities is a focus of Extended Learning's mission.

The University's central location in northern Minnesota, plus the changing lifestyles of many people within the service region, have underscored the demand for expanded academic options. Looking beyond the confines of the physical campus setting, Extended Learning is designed to provide learning resources and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all of its constituents.

Offerings range from liberal education courses to innovative undergraduate and graduate degree programs geared for students with employment or family commitments, or other obligations that restrict access to traditional campus-based programs. Students have the option to attend courses, workshops, and institutes; to study individually in their homes; or to enroll in online courses.

In addition to numerous individual course offerings, the following degree programs are provided through Extended Learning. Please consult with Extended Learning to confirm course and program availability.


Applied Engineering

Business Administration

Criminal Justice

Elementary Education


Technology Management

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