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Section VII

Higher Education

Most of us pursue a college degree for personal reasons – to follow a passion, gain new knowledge, and prepare for a career. But on campus and in the classroom, something more happens: we quickly learn that we have entered a community whose goal is not just the education of individuals, but the education of a society.

A democracy is dependent on the education of its citizenry. As voters, we must guide our government by making wise choices at the polls. As leaders in our community, we must be able to act with intelligence and integrity.

Bemidji State University encourages the pursuit of knowledge that leads to good citizenry as well as personal and professional success. This includes the realization that the need to learn is not temporary, but a life-long process. In their classrooms, students discover that their teachers continue to pursue knowledge as specialists in their fields, as educators, and as family and community members.

Our parents, our families, our communities, and our pre-college education set us on the path to independence. At the university, we learn not only how to move forward, but how to give back. This strengthens both our personal lives and the larger life of our country. Rights and responsibilities become entwined, and higher education becomes education for all.

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