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Assessment of Student Learning

As part of Bemidji State University's commitment to institutional quality and accountability, all academic and service programs engage in an ongoing process of assessment and renewal. Assessment involves the regular collection of information about academic proficiency, knowledge, and understanding acquired through the Liberal Education curriculum, degree-granting programs, student participation in University activities, and student attitudes and opinions about their educational experiences. The information is then used to improve the quality of instruction.

To clarify what constitutes student success, Bemidji State University has developed three dimensions of student learning with eight related student learning outcomes that students are expected to attain by graduation. These are:

Dimension 1: Intellectual Development
Outcomes: Higher Order Thinking; Knowledge, Values, and Abilities Related to the Arts, Humanities, Sciences, and Specialized Fields of Study
Dimension 2: Understanding of Self and Relating to Others
Outcomes: Values, Communication, Human Diversity, Self Development
Dimension 3: Participation in an Emerging Global Society
Outcomes: Readiness for Careers, Responsible Citizenship

In addition, each department, program, and course has more specific student learning outcomes, which each student in the program or course is expected to attain.

Assessment occurs in departments and University-wide informally and formally as scheduled in the University calendar. All students are required to participate in assessment activities on multiple occasions during their enrollment. Noncompliance with assessment activities may delay registration and/or graduation plans.

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