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CPA Exam PrepCPA excel / CPA Exam Review

Earn college credit while preparing for the CPA Exam!!

The Exam Prep Courses are offered in an intensive and concentrated format that is designed to prepare you for each of the four sections of the CPA Exam.

Each class is structured to prepare you for a separate section of the CPA Exam. These courses will guide you through the entire exam process from application, to scheduling, to preparing to sit for the exam. You may choose to schedule a separate section of the exam during the next available window following the  course related to that section.

These courses will not satisfy the basic 24 semester credit hours of upper-division accounting courses required to sit for the exam.  However, they will count toward the 150 total semester credits required to obtain your certification.

Why choose BSU's Exam Prep Courses over commercially available  classes?

  • 12 units of academic credit that count toward the 150 hour requirement to obtain CPA certification
  • A separate concentrated course for each section of the exam:   take one, two, three or all four
  • Classes taught by campus faculty with advanced degrees
  • Personalized attention from BSU faculty
  • Cost!  BSU's online classes are generally less expensive than commercial courses -- especially because you can take what you need, one, two, three or all four classes

Online Program

The Exam Prep Courses are all available online every spring semester making them an excellent alternative to the high cost commercial courses available.  The online courses are available to:

  • BSU Distance students nearing graduation
  • Accounting Students from other schools nearing graduation
  • Graduates who wish to obtain CPA certification
  • On-campus BSU students nearing graduation


ACCT 4310 - Auditing & Attestation (AUD) (3 credits)
Preparation for Exam Section: Auditing & Attestation
The auditor's responsibility and liability, ethics and standards of professional conduct, auditing electronic data systems, and the application of statistical audit techniques. Prerequisite: ACCT 4210 or consent of instructor. Offered every January.

BUAD 4323 - Business Law, Ethics & Tax Regulation (REG) (3 credits)
Preparation for Exam Section: Regulation
Specialized study of business law areas tested by the Certified Public Accountants examination. Course intended primarily for Certified Public Accountant candidates. Offered every February.

ACCT 4217 - Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR) (3 credits)
Preparation for Exam Section: Financial Accounting & Reporting
Comprehensive problem-solving on advanced accounting topics including the conceptual framework and structure of accounting theory, governmental and non-profit organization. Recommended prerequisites: ACCT 3202. Offered every March.

ACCT 4510 - Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) (3 credits)
Preparation for Exam Section: Business Environment & Concepts
An in-depth study of special accounting problems adapted to current business conditions. Prerequisites: ACCT 3202, ACCT 3300, and ACCT 3302. Offered every April.


For more information contact Dr. Sandra Kranz, Department Chair

For more information on taking these courses online visit the Center for Extended Learning's web site.