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Current & Recent Theses

Following are some examples of current and recent thesis work by our students.

Anita Merritt - Erosion and revegetation of shoreline on Lake Bemidji, MN. MS in Biology, May 2006.

Tara Solem - The influence of woody debris dams on leaf pack carbon degradation and invertebrate population dynamics in mountainous streams. MS in Biology, May 2005.

Erich Westrich - Zooplankton density and diversity in the upper Mississippi River-lake continuum. Anticipated graduation, May 2007.

Kayla Thompson - Wetland plant diversity in ephemeral forested wetlands. Anticipated graduation, May 2008.

Terrance Wilcox - Periphyton in streams and ditches of the Big Bog. Anticipated graduation, Dec 2006.

Craig Jarnot - Effects of rusty crayfish predation on walleye egg survival in Leech Lake, Minnesota (Funded by a $43,690 grant from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources through June 2008). Anticipated graduation May 2008.

Tony Dingman - Development of a walleye population dynamics model for small lakes in Minnesota (In cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Area Office in Bemidji). Anticipated graduation, May 2008.

Shane Bowe - Influences of forest age structure on macroinvertebrate communities and organic matter inputs in forest wetlands of hardwood-conifer mixed landscape. Anticipated graduation, Dec 2006.

Candy Ginter - Impacts of lakeshore development on benthic communities in a large mesotrophic lake, Rainy Lake, MN. Anticipated graduation, May 2007.

Josh Kragthorpe - Influence of forest age, stream geomorphology and woody debris on stream periphyton in northern hardwood forests, Porcupine Mountains, MI. Anticipated graduation, Dec 2006.

Carolyn Towler - Effects of large-scale forest blowdown and prescribed burning on lakes within a boreal forest, Boundary Water's Canoe Area, MN. Anticipated graduation, May 2007.