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Yearly Events

Aquatic Biology Party and Not-So-Serious-Award-Ceremony

The highlight of the Aquatic Biology's "social calendar" has to be the annual Aquatic Biology Party and Not-So-Serious-Award-Ceremony held in the spring. It really is a hoot.

This party started out several years ago as a small get-together with a bit of food and the Aquatic Biology faculty and students. Since then it has grown to take on a life of its own.

In the past several years 40-60 students regularly attend as well as most of the Biology Faculty. We have added the Stupid Trivia Game complete with prizes from the Magic Prize Box of Science, and don't forget the FOOD? oh! the food!

The highlight of the party is the Not-So-Serious-Award-Ceremony. This was the idea of Dr. Guelda (who has a twisted sense of humor). This award ceremony is a chance for the faculty to "zing" the students on silly things that happened during the academic year. The faculty and students really get a kick out of this, but in recent years, the students have been giving "awards" to the faculty! Uh-oh!

The Scholarship Award Ceremony

In the spring of every academic year, the departments in Sattgast Hall (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and the Center for Earth and Space Studies) join forces to award scholastic scholarships for the next academic year. And, as we all love food, there is a luncheon afterwards.

The Annual Scholarship and Creative Achievement Conference

This is a day set aside in the spring (no classes!) for upper level students across campus to present to their peers, faculty, family and friends their accomplishments of the past year. Within Aquatic Biology and Biology, this usually means a presentation about their Advanced Project research or Internship work. Presentations are given by the student and many students then have their research published in the Journal of Student Research, a publication showcasing student work and put together by Dr. Koch.