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Dr. Debbie Guelda



Office: S 218-I

Phone: (218) 755-2786

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Faculty member in the Biology Department since 2001.
Aquatic Biology

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Courses Regularly Taught

  • Limnology
  • Freshwater Invertebrate Zoology
  • Entomology
  • Introductory Biology II
  • Animal Behavior
  • Advanced Projects


  • University of Louisville, B.A. Biology
  • University of Louisville, M.S. Aquatic Ecology
  • University of Louisville, Ph.D. Environmental Science


Dr. Debbie Guelda is an aquatic ecologist and specifically a river researcher at heart. Her graduate research concentrated on invertebrates in the lower Ohio watershed, particularly zooplankton. She is interested in how populations of plankton change in a river continuum both temporally and spatially. She brought this research to northern Minnesota where she is interested in how zooplankton communities change while traveling through Mississippi river-lake sequences. She is also interested in how planktonic (open water) invertebrates are energetically linked to benthic (bottom-dwelling) invertebrates in these systems. Her research has been presented both nationally and internationally at meetings of the North American Benthological Society (Vancouver, BC, Anchorage, Alaska) and the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (Copenhagen, Denmark and Santiago de Compostela, Spain).