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Dr. Mark R Fulton



Office: S 218E

Phone: (218) 755-2787


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Faculty member in the Biology Department since 1998.
Dr. Fulton's homepage

Courses Regularly Taught

  • Introductory Biology
  • Plant Form and Function
  • General Ecology
  • Forest Ecology
  • Plant Diversity
  • Advanced Projects


  • University of Wisconsin Madison, B.S. Botany and Geology
  • University of Wisconsin Madison, M.S. Botany
  • Uppsala University (Sweden), Ph.D. Plant Ecology
  • Postdoctoral work at Texas A&M University, TVA, and Rice University



Dr. Mark Fulton is a vegetation ecologist with a particular interest in the structure and dynamics of forest communities. Particular areas of activity have included: simulation modeling of forest dynamics, statistical modeling of demographic processes in forests from long-term data using information statistics, and applications of an operational definition of multivariate "predictability" of community change. Developing interests include: linkages between canopy tree and understory dynamics, light environments in tree canopies, and constraints on maximum tree height.

Recent publications include:

Amatangelo, K., M.R. Fulton, D.A. Rogers, & D.M. Waller.  2011.  Convergence in forest community composition along an edaphic gradient threatens landscape-level diversity.  Diversity and Distributions 17: 201-213.

Shalene Jha, P.A. Harcombe, M.R. Fulton, & I.S. Elsik. 2004. Potential Causes of American Beech decline in Wier Woods, TX. Texas Journal of Science 56(4): 285-298.

Lin, Jie, P.A. Harcombe, M.R. Fulton, and R.W. Hall. 2004. Comparative analysis of growth and mortality among saplings in a dry Oak-Pine forest in southeast Texas. Texas Journal of Science 56(4): 299-318.

Lin, Jie, P.A. Harcombe, M. Fulton, and R.B.W. Hall. 2004. Sapling growth and survivorship as affected by light and flooding in a river floodplain forest. Oecologia 139(3): 399-407.

Harcombe, P.A., C.J. Bill, J.S. Glitzenstein, M. Fulton, P.L. Marks, and I.S. Elsik. 2002. Stand dynamics over 18 years in a southern mixed hardwood forest, Texas, USA. Journal of Ecology 90(6): 947-957.

Lin, Jie, P.A. Harcombe, M. Fulton, and R.B.W. Hall. 2002. Sapling growth and survivorship as a function of light in a mesic forest of southeast Texas, USA. Oecologia 132: 428-435.

Fulton, M.R. and P.A. Harcombe. 2002. Fine-scale predictability in forest stand dynamics. Ecology 83(5):1204-1208.