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Winter wonderland


The Mammalogy class was learning radio telemetry techniques in Lake Bemidji State Park this morning.  A fine winter day for a field trip!

image1 image3

Governor's Deer Hunting Opener


The student chapter of The Wildlife Society had a booth at the Minnesota Governor’s Deer Hunting Opener banquet last night.  The booth was awesome, and LOTS of people stopped by to learn about aging deer and identifying ducks.  Everyone had a great time!PB060135 PB060139 PB060130 PB060132

The best Halloween ever!


photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 aa ab ac ad ae

Happy Halloween!


Biology students and faculty got in the Halloween spirit today!

IMG_3035 IMG_3021 (3)

Meeting the author


Members of the student chapter of The Wildlife Society got their Mammals of Minnesota book signed by the author, Dr. Evan Hazard.

Evan and friends

In the field


Students from Mammalogy are busy prepping for a mammal tracking field trip.

Mammal tracking

What a net!



These perch were all captured in a trap net during our fish management class this past week. Nice job class!

Dr. Hafs

Lab quizzes coming up!


The invertebrate lab has been hopping with students studying for quizzes in both Entomology and Freshwater Invertebrates!

Pontoon and new dock ready to rock



The pontoon boat is ready to go for another year of labs in our Aquatic Biology Major.

I am very excited for my Fish Management and Limnology class projects to begin this Thursday in lab.

Dr. Hafs

Mammalogy field trip


Mammalogy students trapped small mammals in Hobson Forest this morning.  We captured 14 Peromyscus, one with a seed in his mouth!


Welcome back!


Welcome back Biology students!

Officers for TWS student chapter


Congratulations to the newly elected officers of the student chapter of The Wildlife Society: Lynda LaFond, Ellie Dittes, Breanna Wagner, Skyler Vold, Sam Asper, and Andrew Schmieg.

Biology Scholarships


Recipients of Biology scholarships will be honored today.  Congratulations to everyone!

Ornithology field trip


It was cold (close to 0 degrees!) for our morning field trip in Ornithology, but the birds were active.  We saw a brown creeper, a yellow-rumped warbler, yellow-bellied sapsuckers, and lots of juncos, blackbirds, and waterfowl.

Ornithology field trip


Last night the Ornithology class went to listen for owls.  We weren’t disappointed!  We heard (and saw) several barred owls, along with trumpeter swans, Canada geese, and ruffed grouse.  Spring is finally here!

Student Scholarship Conference


Congratulations to all of our students who presented at the annual Student Scholarship and Creative Achievement Conference this past Wednesday.  For pictures of some of the Biology students at the event here, click here.

State AFS meeting a sucess for BSU students


14 BSU students recently attended the Minnesota Chapter of the American Fisheries Society meeting in Mankato, MN. Congratulations to Ryan Carrow, Jake Graham, Emily Powers, Mike Vaske, and Dan VanderWeyst for presenting their research.


One of our great students manning the registration table and therefore meeting every fisheries profession that attended the meeting.


Ryan and Mike standing by their posters.


Two of our students talk to the DNR official in charge of all internship hires.


Our group of students eating some great food at the banquet.


Our group of students attending the plenary session related to trout habitat.

Undergraduate presentations in St. Paul


Three Biology students have been chosen to present the results of their research at the state capitol on Wednesday, February 26.  The students are Rebecca Florke (cell and molecular), Lynda LaFond (wildlife), and Michael Vaske (fisheries).  Congratulations!

MnTWS Quiz Bowl champs!


Congratulations to the BSU student chapter of The Wildlife Society for winning the quiz bowl at this year’s Minnesota TWS meeting!  The team, pictured below, included Skyler Vold, Emelia Davis, Ben Matykiewicz, and Matt Shalley.

Quiz bowl champs

Student presenter at MnTWS


Lynda LaFond, a wildlife management student, presented results of her research at the annual meeting of the Minnesota Chapter of The Wildlife Society yesterday.  The talk, coauthored by Dr. Elizabeth Rave, was titled “Species Diversity and Population Dynamics of Small Mammals on Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota.“  Congratulations Lynda!


MnTWS meeting


The annual meeting of the Minnesota chapter of The Wildlife Society is in Bemidji beginning tomorrow.  We plan to have a great student turnout for the event!

Shallow Lakes Internships


We had 18 students show up in -20 temperatures to listen to Bailey Peterson, MN DNR Shallow Lakes internship coordinator, discuss the process of applying for summer internships.


DNR Roundtable


Emelia Davis, a Wildlife Management student, has been invited to participate at the Minnesota DNR’s roundtable discussion Jan. 10-11 in Bloomington.  The roundtable is a meeting of conservation leaders and the media who discuss relevant hunting, fishing, and conservation issues in Minnesota.  Congratulations Emelia!

First Annual Aquatic Biology Ice Fishing Championship


Congratulations to Brad Klingsheim! He was the winner of our first annual Aquatic Biology Ice Fishing Championship. The tournament was held on December 13, 2013 from 10:30-3:30 pm on Lake Bemidji directly in front of BSU. This years tournament was open to all BSU aquatic biology majors and had ~15  participants. Next year we plan to allow all BSU aquatic biology alumni to participate as well.


Below is a picture of our winner, Brad Klingsheim, with the the winning fish and the ice fishing combo he won which was donated by Dr. Hafs. Additionally Brad will have his name engraved on trophy which will be hung next to his picture in the fisheries classroom at BSU.


Complete list of results from this years tournament.


Audubon's Christmas Bird Count


Members of the student chapter of The Wildlife Society participated in the Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count this past weekend.  It was cold!  The group set a new record for the most red-bellied woodpeckers seen (10).  They also saw chickadees, ravens, blue jays, and a mallard.

photo 2

Guest speaker


BSU’s student chapter of The Wildlife Society is hosting guest speaker Dr. Glenn DelGiudice, a research scientist with the DNR.  His talk, tonight at 5:30 pm in Sattgast 208, will be on white-tailed deer in northern Minnesota.  Come join us!

DelGuidice deer talk

Fish management students at it again


Fish Fish2

Above are a couple of nice fish recently caught in withing several minutes of BSU while collecting samples for our fish management class. Nice work fisheries students.

Students learn to age fish


otilith 2 bkotilith bk

Above are several images of otoliths (bones that help the fish hear) from yellow perch that fish management students recently used to determine the age of those fish.  Very similar to counting rings on a tree. How old do you think these two perch were?

Dr. Hafs

Nice 26'' Walleye from Bemidji



Fish management class saw some nice fish again this week. This one was 26″ long.

Dr. Hafs

Future Fisheries Biologists in BSU Fish Management Class


Slide2 Slide1

Getting our BSU students some valuable field experience related to fisheries. What a great way to have class.

Thesis defense


Congratulations to Biology M.S. candidate Bryce Olson, who successfully defended his thesis today.  His research was on the characteristics and modeling of the thermal landscape for moose at Voyageurs National Park.

Limnology Class



This picture shows some BSU aquatic biology students learning how to use equipment in the field. What a great way to have class!

Student chapter of TWS


BSU’s student chapter of The Wildlife Society is sponsoring a presentation today at 5:30pm in Sattgast.  The guest speaker is DNR state goose biologist David Rave, who will be discussing goose management in Minnesota.  Come join us!

Mammalogy class


The students in Mammalogy were having fun today in Chippewa National Forest.

Small mammal trapping


The Mammalogy class went out small trapping this morning.  We captured one chipmunk, one Peromyscus, and two red-backed voles.  There was also a really hungry bear in the woods — it flattened several of our traps!

Students hard at work


Got some students out sampling for zooplankton today they sure did great. Check out this organism.


Glad it is spring


Recently some undergrads have had the chance to gain valuable field experience. This is a picture of one student who went nightime electrofishing with myself and the local DNR official. We were assesing the strength of the spring walleye spawning run near Red Lake.

Dr. Andrew Hafs


A good day of research


Great day out on the water. Pike were very busy spawning but should be finishing soon. Our fyke nets were full of nice large healthy females like this one. Walleye should be going strong now as well.

Hopefully this picture gets you excited about the fast approaching fishing opener.

Best wishes,

Dr. Andrew W. Hafs

Ornithology field trip


The Ornithology class went on an evening field trip last night to locate owls.  It was cold and snowing but still a beautiful night.  We saw a pair of barred owls, who stayed near us and called for about 30 minutes.  We also heard trumpeter swans, Canada geese, and goldeneyes.  Spring is getting close!

Student Scholarship Conference


Tomorrow (April 10) is the annual Student Scholarship and Creative Achievement Conference.  This is a venue where students across campus present the results of their research, give performances, showcase their artwork, etc.  We are very excited about it as this year we have some amazing students presenting fantastic work!  To learn more about the conference and what students in Biology are presenting, visit the conference website.

Fisheries students represent BSU well at State AFS meeting


Hi all,

I just got back from a great American Fisheries Society meeting in St. Cloud. NINE undergraduate students attended the meeting with me and we all had the opportunity to meet many of the great MN fisheries professionals. Hopefully the contacts we made help these students land permanent jobs in the near future.  To top it all off we came home with some nice door prizes to get us excited about spring (see picture below of the nice Fenwick HMX fly rod). Come and see me if you are interested in attending similar activities. Go BSU fisheries!

Fly Fishing Rod


Andrew W. Hafs, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Aquatic Biology