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About the Department of Business Administration

Bemidji State University has received specialized accreditation for its business and business- related programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), located in Olathe, Kansas.  The business and business- related programs in the following degrees are accredited by the IACBE:

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphases in Finance, Generalist, Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management, and International Business.

An Accredited Program

Bemidji State University Department of Business Administration & Department of Accounting Programs, including its online programs, have received specialized national & international accreditation from International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), the premier accrediting association for business & accounting programs in student-centered universities. BSU's programs join only two other university accounting programs with specialized national & international accreditation, and five other university business programs with specialized national & international accreditation in the entire state of Minnesota.

That's great news for students who want to be more competitive in the marketplace and graduate school!

To maintain accreditation, BSU will test all students entering its business and accounting programs and re-test at graduation to measure mastery of skills and knowledge.  Those test scores will be measured against scores from universities across the country so prospective students and others can see the value added by a BSU education.

"Businesses look at profits and losses, which is essentially what this accreditation does except that it measures performance based on what students have mastered," says Douglas Leif, professor and chair of the Department of Business Administration.  "When graduates apply for a job or graduate school, they can show empirical, objective evidence that they've completed a rigorous program at Bemidji State."

Graduate schools tend to favor students who graduate from accredited programs, and some funding for graduate programs is available only to students who have completed an accredited program. "Maintaining accreditation is a major commitment on the part of a university, but it's worth the effort because it offers students many advantages," says Leif.  "This is a great achievement that demonstrates that we are committed to excellence and delivering the highest quality world-class education."

Accreditation will also help BSU be more competitive in recruiting international students who rely on their government for educational funds, which are often only available for accredited programs, according to Dr. William Scheela, professor of business administration and international expert on business in Southeast Asia.  Many of those governments require specialized international accreditation in order to provide funding, and the IACBE meets the standard.

Closer to home, BSU expects to have more success recruiting students who in the past may have been lured to accredited programs at other universities.

Bemidji State's accounting program becomes just the third in the state of Minnesota to receive specialized national and international accreditation and the business program becomes just the sixth in Minnesota to be so recognized.

"Specialized accreditation is a cutting-edge trend among leading universities as funding tightens and universities are being held to higher standards to prove that their programs are valuable and effective," says Leif.  "We're excited to be on the forefront of that trend and to have the opportunity to further promote our already excellent programs."

Accreditation means that our program has been examined by trained evaluators who ensure that the IACBE's standards are being met in 8 key areas:

  • outcomes assessment
  • strategic planning
  • curriculum
  • educational innovation
  • faculty
  • resources
  • internal/external relationships
  • scholarly & professional activities   

The quality of BSU Business & Accounting programs are measured by the accomplishment of BSU's mission and broad-based goals, the effectiveness of student learning, and the operational effectiveness of the business programs.

Dr. Robert H. Roller, President of the IACBE, notes that, "accreditation is recognition that Business & Accounting programs of Bemidji State University demonstrate academic excellence and a commitment to continuous quality improvement.  The IACBE is especially interested in the assessment of student learning outcomes.  The accreditation process is one means of making certain graduates are well-equipped to excel in the business world."

William Parrott, Director of Member Services and International Programs for the IACBE:
"Accreditation requires evidence that BSU Business & Accounting programs are meeting high standards & producing measurable, high-quality results."

Download the Accreditation Report of Student Learning and Achievement and Operational Effectiveness for the following academic years listed below.