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Department of Business Administration

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Career Options

Business administration is one of the most popular fields of study because it prepares you for a vast variety of career options in management and administrative roles in virtually any sector including private, public, nonprofit, and governmental organizations. Organizations of all types are looking for candidates with degrees in business administration to help them create successful, efficient and well-run organizations.

For more information, contact:  Career Services


Career Services, and the Department of Business Administration at Bemidji State University are fully dedicated to preparing students for internships and career positions. Career Services will help you arrange your interviews right on campus, and will work with you individually to help you locate internships that are rewarding, challenging and will advance your career.  Remember to register for INTERNSHIP credits online, as you would any other class; IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING an INTERNSHIP for university credit.

BSU Internship Application [pdf]

BuAd Internship Agreement


For more information, contact:  Career Services