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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


Are you disturbed by corporate scandals? Do you want to know the inside scoop on the changing stock market? Are you interested in how much is your dollar worth? Then a career in finance may be for you! 

You'll study currencies, stocks & bonds, and become informed about the dollar, that will ultimately make its way to your  paycheck!  The opportunities and career tracks are endless in the world of finance, from big city big bank investor, to small town financial advisor, and everywhere in between!

With the study of finance, you'll be gaining a background in the most important part of any business. Your decisions may be the right decisions to take the company to the top of the market.


Candidates for the bachelor of science degree in finance are required to complete thirty-six semester credits in core course requirements, and twenty-seven semester credits in advanced finance and related disciplines, for a total of sixty-three semester credits in addition to liberal education requirements.

Recommended High School Classes:

Classes in algebra, accounting, and computers are helpful. Keyboarding and foreign languages are also recommended. Any class work that would strengthen communication skills will be advantageous, especially speech and writing.