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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

International Business

Take a look at the tag on your shirt.  Where was it manufactured?  You may have purchased your clothes from an American designer, but the tag says they were made internationally.  The world is changing quickly with technology, inexpensive communication and transportation. 

With this shrinking globe come incredible opportunities for candidates who understand what it takes to make international business efforts successful.

  • Learn what it takes to compete in the international business world.  The international business emphasis focuses on understanding the forces behind the daily globalization of markets and production. 
  • Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to manage in an international business world.  Experience different world cultures and languages first-hand studying abroad while earning university credit. 

Bemidji State University uniquely provides you with one of the best places to develop international business skills and knowledge by participating in very successful study abroad programs in China, Japan, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, and England (Oxford). These opportunities make Bemidji State University the most international campus in the entire state university system in Minnesota!


Candidates for the bachelor of science degree in international business are required to complete thirty-six semester credits in core course requirements and thirty-one semester credits in international business and related disciplines, for a total of sixty-seven semester credits in addition to liberal education requirements. 

With appropriate planning, students can complete the international business program requirements in approximately forty-six credits by selecting international business electives that simultaneously meet their liberal education requirements.

Recommended High School Classes:

Classes in algebra, accounting, and computers are helpful. Keyboarding and foreign languages are also recommended. Any class work that would strengthen communication skills will be advantageous, especially speech and writing.