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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


If you're a person who is a go-getter, tends to take lead roles when placed in a group setting, a problem solver, and wants to hold a position that involves great responsibility and potential for growth, then a career in business management may be the perfect fit for you.

By becoming a business management major, you'll learn the details behind planning and organizing the functions of the business, and you'll gain the knowledge necessary to run a business, earn maximum profit, and keep the operation running smoothly.

The business management program at Bemidji State University uniquely provides advanced management course work in human resource management, organizational behavior, strategic planning and international management.  The focus is on leadership, personnel management, performance appraisal, motivation, team building, organizational design and development, and globalization.   

Hands-on, real-world case study teaching strategy is emphasized, where you'll learn to work effectively in teams and make case study presentations.  You'll have once-in-a-life-time opportunities for both domestic and international internships, and graduates are qualified for entry-level management positions in a variety of careers.


Candidates for the bachelor of science degree in management are required to complete thirty-six semester credits in core course requirements, and twenty-four semester credits in advanced management and related disciplines, for a total of sixty semester credits in addition to liberal education requirements.

Recommended High School Classes:

Classes in algebra, accounting, and computers are helpful. Keyboarding and foreign languages are also recommended. Any class work that would strengthen communication skills will be advantageous, especially speech and writing.