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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


Are you a creative person, a great problem solver, and someone who is interested in the power of persuasion? Consider the study of marketing. As a marketing major, you'll study the crafting of messages, and learn about persuasive techniques in advertising, public relations, and all types of business communication. You'll also you'll learn how to conduct marketing research through surveys, focus group interviews, and other techniques. 

Inside the marketing world you will find an array of activities such as strategic planning towards products/services, personal selling with great rewards, meeting a variety of people everyday, and never doing the same thing two days in a row!

Product and service awareness is a key element in the business world. Learn how to target specific groups of people, how to understand those groups of people, how to build brand awareness, and how to build your company image all through the world of marketing.


Candidates for the bachelor of science degree in marketing are required to complete thirty-six semester credits in core course requirements, and twenty-four semester credits in advanced marketing and related disciplines, for a total of sixty semester credits in addition to liberal education requirements.

Recommended High School Classes:

Classes in algebra, accounting, and computers are helpful. Keyboarding and foreign languages are also recommended. Any class work that would strengthen communication skills will be advantageous, especially speech and writing.