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Academic Programs

Marketing Communication

Marketing communication is an interdisciplinary major that combines the best advertising and public relations courses from the Department of Mass Communication with the best marketing courses from the Department of Business Administration. This unique hybrid major program is targeted towards those students who desire a career in the promotional area of the universal marketing mix.

As a marketing communication major, you will receive a balanced mix of business and communication foundation, theory, skills courses. You'll study the art of crafting messages in a variety of settings, and learn how to design, develop, and implement effective marketing strategies. You'll learn research methods that will allow you to collect accurate information and analyse market potential, and will study public relations, advertising, and campaign planning.

This degree will prepare you for exciting, creative careers in booming fields such as sales, marketing, public relations, promotion, corporate relations, advertising, political campaign management and media relations.


Candidates for the bachelor of science in marketing communication degree are required to complete eighteen semester credits in foundation course requirements, twelve credits in skill course requirements, and eighteen semester credits theory course requirements for a total of forty-eight semester credits in addition to liberal education requirements.

Recommended High School Classes:

Classes in algebra, accounting, and computers are helpful. Keyboarding and foreign languages are also recommended. Any class work that would strengthen communication skills will be advantageous, especially speech and writing.