Criminal Justice

Whether you want to be a Peace Officer or a private investigator, a youth counselor or a lawyer, a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice can help get you on track to your professional career.

In addition to an on-campus and online BS program, we also offer minors in Criminal Justice and Fraud Examination. Majors can focus their study further with one of four concentrations:

  • Law enforcement with an internship
  • Corrections with internship
  • Criminal justice with internship
  • Criminal justice without an internship

Learn more about our approach to Criminal Justice education. 

Learn to Lead

All of our classes led by dedicated, experienced faculty who are committed to helping every student develop the knowledge, values and ethics needed to become a successful leader and professional. Our rigorous program, combined with BSU’s liberal arts framework, teaches students to think critically across disciplines.

Real Skills, Real Experience

Many students complete an internship during the summer between the junior and senior year as way to gain experience and insight, and make connections between what we learn in the classroom and how the justice system works in the real world.