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Michelle Boller

Minnesota Department of Corrections
Probation Officer: Itasca County

The criminal justice program at Bemidji State University offers approachable, intellectual and dependable instructors. It offers a variety of courses that cover a broad spectrum of the criminal justice field. Most importantly, it has great internship opportunities that allow you to apply what you have learned through course material. The criminal justice program prepares you for the career you are looking for. It may not directly relate to probation, but I still learned a lot of pertinent information that applies to the whole criminal justice system and if I change career's I can fall into any one of the criminal justice professions. The best thing about Bemidji State University is the contacts you will make.

Jean-Guy Gervais

Winnipeg Police Constable
Captain, Men's CHA Champion Hockey Team 2006

I came to Bemidji for the opportunity to further my education as well as expand my knowledge in the field of Criminal Justice. I feel that my four years in Bemidji has prepared me for the rest of my life, and I have the professors as well as the University to thank. Going to school in Bemidji was a great experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Scott Nichols

Federated Insurance Company

Obtaining my B.S. in Criminal Justice was gratifying, challenging, and beneficial since it helped me build a foundation to succeed once I graduated. Taking courses in criminal investigation and statistics as well as the amount of writing required in each course helped me to be successful in my current job in the insurance investigation field. My internship was key in helping me to apply the theory of the classroom in a real life setting and to help define an area of Criminal Justice where I could be successful.