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The English Department

Our Mission is to foster the ability to appreciate, evaluate and create the myriad forms of practical and aesthetic communication.

"English is a subject that brings people together. Whether it is through enjoying the same novel or debating and analyzing literature, those who read and write have the power to encourage and relate with others."

- Betsy P. English B.A.

    The English Department at Bemidji State University offers a diverse selection of academic programs, from our award winning Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative & Professional Writing, one of only fifteen in the U.S., to traditional and in-depth studies in literature.  We've developed innovative curriculum options including courses in electronic writing and publishing for writers and, under the guidance of practicing high school teachers, have recently enhanced our teacher licensure curriculum to include courses in teaching literature and professional writing.

    A new online journal is being published by English students, giving our students the unique opportunity to learn literary editing from beginning to end. Graduate programs offer the study of literature with scholarly and creative thesis options, advanced study in professional education, and teaching graduate assistantships.

    Whatever your passions or goals, we offer options that will give you a career advantage at a time when the professional outlook for writers and teachers is excellent. Join us for the study of literature and writing; we have a way with words.

    Our Faculty

    When you study in the English department, you have a team of scholars and writers at your side. Our faculty care about your success. They will advise you in the selection of your courses so you can prepare for your goals and graduate in a timely manner. All English faculty offices are on the third floor of Hagg-Sauer Hall. Come on up for a visit. While you are there, check out the Writers Wall for information on graduate schools, careers and publishing. It is down the hall from the Hole in the Wall, where you will find more information for writers and scholars. Read interviews with our faculty.

    Our Graduates

    Students graduating with degrees in English from Bemidji State University have been successful in finding good paying jobs and being accepted to top rated graduate programs. Our graduates work for magazines and publishers, teach at area high schools, have landed top-notch internships, and have gone on to graduate schools around the country. Read more about what our grads have accomplished.

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