Dr. Brian R. Donovan

Office:  Hagg-Sauer 374
E-mail (to use, replace asterisk with "@"):  bdonovan*bemidjistate.edu
Office phone:  (218) 755-2838
Fax:  (218) 755-2822 (that’s for the entire building, so make sure my name is on it if it’s for me)

Photo 2005 by Dan Carlson
of The Dive Depot, Bemidji, MN
used by permission

Office Hours for Fall 2015:

Courses for Fall 2015 (course titles link to syllabi in pdf form):

Links and Materials for Teaching Graduate Assistants in English:

The above are sample syllabi, drafted by Susan Hauser as part of the English curriculum package that got approved through BSUFA committees and BSU Academic Affairs a few years ago. As such these documents appear to meet the definition of "Course Outline" as defined by MnSCU Board Policy 3.22 Part 2 Subpart A. Teaching Graduate assistants should take note that the student learning outcomes specified in these documents (under "Assessment") are officially and importantly binding; other stuff in here, like the point system for grading, may, however, be treated as mere example and suggestion. The department has authority to revise these documents, subject I believe to the full curriculum-approval process, but that is doable, and suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Advice to College Writers:

Some handouts I have prepared for my College Writing students and the Writing Resource Center, on a few types of errors I have found myself marking again and again:

Some other resources I keep on the Web:

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