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Graduate Advising Alerts

MA: New requirements, precision scheduling

  • Most MA courses will be available only at the 6000 level and some will be offered on a two-year rotation.
  • Plan a two or three schedule for yourself. The new courses will not usually be available through independent study: if you miss one in the rotation, you will need to return to campus to complete the requirement.

Sample Two-Year Cycle 

Please check with your advisor or the department chair for actual schedules. The following is subject to change.

Fall 1

Spring 1

Fall 2

Spring 2

ENGL 6317 American Literature

ENGL6318 British Literature

ENGL 6317 American Literature

ENGL6318 British Literature

ENGL 6327 Rhetorical Theory

ENGL 6310 Literary Criticism and Theory

ENGL 6328 Composition Theory

ENGL 6337 Language and Linguistics Topics

ENGL 6330 Research and Bibliography


ENGL 6319 Literature Topics



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