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Bemidji English Department Albion Experiment (BEDAE)*


The BEDAE provides a forum for the academic community of Bemidji State University dedicated to English and British studies, ca. 350 BCE-2010 CE, from the first mention of Albion in Greek literature to the present. The focus of the site and group is on all things in the British Isles with an emphasis on the languages and literatures. The site houses an online journal for undergraduate, graduate, faculty, and enthusiast scholarly work on any period of English or British literature, history, art history, or culture. In addition, the site collects information about English goings-on aro und campus, the community, and the web-based world.

Current Events:

  • Bimonthly meetings are scheduled for Wednesdays at 2 p.m. in HS 355
  • Planning is beginning for a conference titled Victorian Medievalisms. Contact Larry Swain if you would like to be involved in the planning.

  • Christmas Readings in English Literature: a list of interesting literature relating the holidays will be posted on the site for your reading pleasure.

BEDAE Journal: (in development)

Discussion Forum: (in development)

Resources: (in development)

Image of Bede, Bedae being the Latin form. Important English writer and earliest historian of the English language.