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"The writer, when he is also an artist, is someone who admits what others don't dare reveal."

- Elia Kazan


Step into the spotlight.

As writers, we’re always looking for more: more experiences, more excitement, and more feedback. We want to display your fiction, poetry, and essays. You are always our focus and this is no exception. 

As writers, we have the opportunity and obligation to shine a spotlight into the dark. The “Spotlight” section on the bulletin board located on the 3rd floor Hagg-Sauer GA hall wants your short pieces of literature on any topic: politics, art, society. If it’s on your mind, put it on paper; we want to read it, connect with it, and experience it. If there’s a fire in your soul, grab the guidelines sheet and get your work displayed. 

The world needs warmth and light, and writers hold the flame. 

If interested in submitting your work for display, please read our Guidelines for Spotlight for further instructions.