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Culture Shots

Toss Back A Shot of Culture

Suitable for All Ages

Bemidji State faculty have instituted a new event to be held weekly: "Culture Shots". The event is a way for students to connect with faculty on a more personal level; faculty will speak about a specific cultural event they have personally experienced and give an insight and perspective to listeners who may not receive these personal things elsewhere.

Three faculty members will speak for approximately ten minutes each, relating his or her experiences to the students on a more personal level than found in the classroom. For example, English Professor Brian Donovan spoke of his experiences growing up in the era of the Cold War.

This event has been created with the idea that not only faculty will partake; hopefully students will also feel compelled to speak to faculty and fellow students to give a personal insight faculty may never get elsewhere. Don't wait, get your shot today.

Learn Responsibly.

Learn Responsibly.