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Gypsy Taxi: The Way to Villa D'Amore

In Rome trains arrive every ten minutes
Like uninvited memories. Validate your ticket
And accept your life.
The red lace bra and panties sleep in a box
Saved for the woman who is afraid
To leave the apartment and paints
From Polaroid photographs.
Crumbling at the edge
Of the Tryhrennian Sea,
You are one with Vesuvius'
Giant earthen breast.

Lovers Fountain

In Sorrento your room is waiting like a bride
White gauze trembles at the terrace
Above the strong arm of the Amalfi.
The porcelain bath fills to overflowing.
Steam is your phantom lover
Kissing the marble beneath your feet.
The head waiter, a small Neapolitan man,
Could be Enrico Caruso.
He keeps a handsome eye on your wine glass:
It is never allowed to empty.
When your husband does not arrive
They feel sad, watching over you,
Jealous as famiglia. The fish is sliced
And reverently dished onto plates.
Cloud eats the mezzo moon, white
As bone. And the waves,
Black sand.

Cars burst into flame, tunnel
Through mountains, conch

Light deepening behind.
In praise of Sirens,
The Madonna wears an electric crown.
Outside the church of San Francesco
A bride steps out of a black shining car
Onto a red carpet flowing into clouds
Of white roses. Before she disappears,
The road turns serious, love knots
And curves sweet-talking
Straight up the ravine.
Islands of Galli break up the sea.
In Positano tin stars hang from arches,
The heart of Ravello is stone.
Turn toward home,
Kiss your loneliness to death.


Poem and photos by CarolAnn Russell.
copyright 2000
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