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Experiencing Geography

The Geography Department at Bemidji State is a small, but energetic department with a broad scope.  Our objective is to provide many opportunities for students to prepare themselves competitively to engage in the global society in which we live.  Through our various degree programs we present a unique opportunity to learn about and more importantly, experience the Human-Environment geographical connection. It is a complex world; an understanding of these interrelationships is essential to successful engagement in our society.
Human and Physical geographers work together to critically analyze the physical and social consequences of processes, changes or policies. Physical Geography is often what we first think of when asked “what does a geographer do?”  Physical Geographers study and analyze landforms, climate, and ecosystems; these are tangible things that are crucial elements of our natural landscape. Human Geographers study and consider cultural, economic and political issues within a physical area; these are the intangibles, frequently unpredictable and variable and so often a subject of fundamental and rapid change, which exist in our everyday, global landscape.  By working together to critically analyze the complexity of these inter-connections, our scope broadens and our questions deepen.  
Immersion, participation and observation of and in the world around us... this is what Bemidji State's Geography Department is all about.

Geography at Bemidji State

Our courses of study in the Geography department embrace the University’s signature themes: International/multicultural understanding, Civic engagement and Environmental stewardship.  A course of study in Geography is an invitation to discovery, exploration and interpretation of these themes. 
Please visit our Curriculum page and discover a unique way to expand your interests in a variety of areas through the discipline of Geography.  We offer a BA or a BS in Geography as well as a BAS in Wilderness Management for transfer students from Vermilion Community College (this degree is not available to non-Vermilion transfer students).   Double Majors in Geography with other fields of study offers a nice complement of skills when entering the work force or Graduate School.  We also offer Minors in both Geography and Geographical Information Systems. 
We invite you to explore our web site further to learn about our programs.  You will meet many who approach the study of Geography enthusiastically and passionately.  We encourage you to contact any of our faculty if you have questions about the department, courses of study or about their ongoing research; we always enjoy sharing our passion for geography. If geography is your passion, then please consider enrolling at Bemidji State today.
This is what makes Bemidji State University plus Geography the “Best Decision Ever.”
The Geography Department is located on the Second Floor of Hagg-Sauer Hall. Our Department Chair is Dr. Jeff Ueland who can be reached at
The banner photographs were taken of a mural near Corrientes, Argentina; irrigation fields in Luxor, Egypt and the Jebel Sahro Mountain Range near Ouarzazate, Morocco. All photos by Jill Stackhouse.