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The Geography Club

Geography Club  Leadership

Kevin Barbosa (Kevin.Barbosa@live.bemidjistate.edu)

Rachael Schulte (Rachael.Schulte2@live.bemidjistate.edu)

Tyler House (Tyler.House@live.bemidjistate.edu)

Tom Carlson (Thomas.Carlson@live.bemidjistate.edu)

What we do

BSU’s Geography Club is dedicated to the promotion of the study of geography, geography’s role in a broader BSU education, and furthering students as citizens in a global society.  By increasing the awareness of Geography as a discipline and introducing the BSU community to various aspects of Geography’s many sub-disciplines, it is our intent to engage students across campus in activities that elevate integrative global studies. These objectives directly correspond to the University signature theme of heightened international and multicultural understanding.

Further, it is our objective to actively seek the BSU community and the community-at-large participation in activities that not only inform but generate networking activities, leadership experience and potential internships in the vicinity.
Some of the events we’d like to launch include (1) GPS training workshops (1 per semester) with the objective of elevating the technical understanding of how a GPS functions, collection of data and ultimate ways of using that data.  (2) Each workshop would be followed by a BSU Geocaching event (a real world, outdoor treasure hunt) where newly-trained GPS users (or previously trained) could participate. While the event has a high “fun” component, it also brings to the participants an opportunity to use a GPS in a real-time situation. (3) We intend to show documentaries, foreign and Hollywood produced films with a geographic theme (3 per semester).  Each film cuts across many geographic themes but again reaches a broad, interdisciplinary and multi-cultural audience by introducing the discipline of Geography through viewing of a film.  
Another key objective is to showcase GIS in research will be to sponsor a mini-conference for students who have prepared a poster with geographic themes.  This will be open to any student who has taken, or is currently enrolled in an upper-division Geography course. As many of upper division courses have a liberal education component, the mini-conference would be open to any student who wishes to present geographically premised research.  It is meant in part to showcase GIS in relevant research, highlight research done by students and to provide a small, but professional venue in which to present individual work.  Stay Tuned for more information on this!

Come join us!