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Department of Human Performance, Sport, and Health

Human Performance Lab

The Human Performance Lab has equipment used to assess performance measures such as flexibility, strength, speed, aerobic capacity, and body composition.  Specifically the equipment used is a breath by breath Jaeger Oxycon Mobile metabolic cart which is capable of measuring oxygen consumption via telemetry.  From this information it is possible to estimate a person?s VO2 max, metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, anaerobic threshold and maximal heart rate.  The lab also houses a Vertec for measuring vertical jump, Lange skinfold calipers for body composition assessment, a sit and reach box for measuring flexibility and a dynamometers for measuring hand and back/leg strength.  Agility and sprint speed can be measured with a electronic timing system.

The lab also has equipment for measuring the intensity and duration of exercise and physical activity.  The lab has 19 Polar E600 series heart rate monitors used for recording and saving heart rates.  These can be downloaded, analyzed and graphed.  Fifty step counters are used for measuring steps per day.  Twenty-five Actigraph accelerometers can be used to measure the intensity and duration of daily physical activity and estimate the caloric expenditure of that activity. 

Some of the laboratory equipment can be used to screen people for health problems.  The Jaeger Oxycon Mobile has a 12 lead EKG that can monitor the electrical activity of the heart at rest or during exercise.  The Oxycon Mobile can measure lung capacities and provides flow loops for lung function testing.  There are 3 hand held spirometers for assessing forced vital capacity and forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV-1).